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Monarch Waste Technologies, LLC.

Monarch Waste Technologies, LLC controls the exclusive global fabrication and operating rights to the Pyrolysis systems. Its purpose is to enhance and develop an already proven technology with a special focus on medical waste destruction with a goal to develop “microsite” locations to destroy the waste closer where it is being generated. Our system and approach will be the permanent replacement for incineration on a global scale.


“Our approach will revolutionize the process of destroying medical and hazardous waste using our environmentally friendly, cost-effective approach to destroy waste closer to the point at which the waste is generated.

Design Build Team

YFab, LLC is a 53-year-old, highly respected and well qualified mechanical, industrial and fabrication firm based in Albuquerque, New Mexico and is an extension of the Yearout Companies www.yearout.com. With over 70,000 square feet of fabrication space, certifications that include nuclear NQA-1, ASME Code stamps, and technical experience as a long-time contractor for the DOE and DOD, YFab is able to provide total assurance that every system built will exceed even the highest level of safety and performance standards.

Keith Nair / Systems EngineerDan Spokes / Facilities and Environmental Engineer Co-Inventors of the Pyrolysis systems and long time residents of Bristol England, Dan and Keith bring extensive experience to the Monarch team.  With extensive experience in several waste-to-energy Pyrolysis projects still operating in the UK, certifications in mechanical, structural and environmental engineering, they have successfully designed, produced and commissioned units from a small scale containerized Pyrolysis unit for US Army to a large scale 16 ton per hour MSW plant and most recently, a large-scale Medical/Hazardous waste unit in Scotland. They are proficient in all types of Pyrolysis applications and remain intimately involved in each stage of the design, development, construction and commissioning phases of Monarchs systems.