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to Disrupt Multi-Billion Dollar US Medical Waste Destruction Market.

The EPA has determined that our design is NOT a medical waste incinerator.

EPA and DOE Validation Opens
Way for PyroMedTM

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Revolutionary, proven technology for the
total destruction of all medical waste matter

  • 20 years of proven history
  • NOT a prototype

Pyrolysis Technology

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exempt from medical waste incineration rules/ regs

There is an immediate need in the US to replace the
incineration process for destroying hazardous medical waste

Since 1995 98% of
medical waste incinerators
have been closed
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Overall cost avoidance
No rate increase
No extra charges

15 - 20% + cost savings on waste destruction

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say no to autoclaving.

Create a positive marketing image on a national scale

say no to incineration
say no to landfilling

What Monarch Waste Offers

Turnkey Waste Solution

We offer you the capability of achieving total destruction of all matter and harmful pathogens that are inherent in all types of medical waste including red bag, special, bulk, infectious, pathology and pharmaceutical waste. Our destruction facility and technology process is innovative, safe and proven to provide a way for hospitals to eliminate the need for pre-treatment, as well as reduce their collection, transportation and disposal costs over the term of the contract. 

Pyrolysis System Is Exempt From the Medical Waste Incineration Rules/Regs
(40 CFR 60 – 62)

Our system destroys waste using pyrolysis which has been given a special exemption from the medical waste incinerator regulation for the processing and destruction of medical / hazardous waste. There is no hauling expense like other methods that shred and sterilize the waste.

I. The EPA has determined that our design is NOT
a medical waste incinerator.

II. Twenty years of proven history.
III. Permitted to destroy all medical/hazardous waste.
IV. 49% cleaner than EPA standards.
  • Infectious “Red Bag”
  • Sharps
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Pathological
  • Chemotherapy Waste

Transforming Matters

Monarch Waste Technologies

Waste-to-Energy Solutions